Bangalore - 64

National Service Scheme (N.S.S)


The N.S.S is the dream of the Father of the Nation - Gandhiji to channelize the youth energy for constructive action. Our N.S.S unit takes up activities in the areas of rural health, national integrity, rural development, AIDS awareness, blood donation camp and tree plantation. The N.S.S organizes annual camps in villages, where problems relating to water, health, electricity, sanitation etc are dealt with. Villagers are made aware of the welfare schemes of the Government. Through these camps the volunteers learn civic sense and responsibility.


As part of our social responsibility we have constituted the college chapter of NSS Wing. The N.S.S unit works in collaboration with Samvada, a NGO, Lions Club and Indian Red Cross Society and with the support of our college lecturer with Dr. Subhash Bhoger. In the days to come, the N.S.S unit will broaden its area of action to include current problems, like global warming and climate change and any other field which may benefit the society at large.