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Other Facilities

  • Student Group Insurance scheme, a student friendly initiative of the management, assists any student in the unfortunate event of an accident.
  • Public Address System, enabled real time communicator between the college administration and student community.
  • CCTC Cameras in the premises and TV Screens in departments ensure surveillance.
  • Elevator / Lift is provides round the clock. It is very helpful especially to the differently abled.
  • Competitive Exams Corner has books, periodical, audio and video facilities to empower civil service aspirants.
  • The campus is wi-fi-enabled, and internet access is available all the time anywhere in the campus.

Wellness Center

Wellness programs are coordinated by a doctor who regularly visits our institution. Free health checkups are conducted and remedies are prescribed by the doctor for our students and staff. The wellness centre is also equipped with the necessary first aid facilities and is equipped to handle any emergency.

The purpose of having a Wellness Centre at S.P.U.C is not only to improve the physical health but also to maintain the mental health. Wellness for us is improving morale, reducing stress and staying healthy, which this centre takes care of.

Our Wellness Centre looks forward to promoting some additional workplace wellness programs, like

Safety in workplace Stop Smoking programs
Stress Management Green surrounding programs
Fitness and healthcare programs First Aid course

Mission & Motto: "Strive For Wealth but Not At The Expense Of Your Health"

Wellness centre at S.P.U.C focuses on attempting to regain and maintain the good health of all the members and teaches them to make positive lifestyle changes that will improve their quality of life, as the time has come to make the decision to live a healthier, happier and longer life.