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In college, class teachers also play the role of mentors for their students. We started mentoring in an informal way- class teachers initially interacted with students with regard to their classes, attendance, assignments, career prospects, career objectives etc.

Now, the mentorship is taken seriously, with each section having 2 mentors, who are the confidants of the students. Students are encouraged to discuss with their respective mentor about any problem or to share their anguish etc. freely, so that the mentors can help them with kind advice and patient hearing.

We hold regular mentoring sessions to discuss.

  • Strengths and weaknesses of students.
  • Student's academic progress.
  • Attendance related issues.
  • Guidance to the students about any issues, when they are in a dilemma.

Besides guiding students, mentors.

  • Conduct parent / student / teacher / interactive sessions.

Mentoring acts as a support for students to excel in academics and also aids them with an emotional support which is the need for the present generation.