Bangalore - 64

Governing Council

I feel greatly honoured to be the Governing council chairman. I am very happy that our college is creating new strides in the academic world. We have made considerable progress in achieving our goals.
Thanks to the staff who played a key role in the elevation of our Institution.

Governing Council
Shri B. C. Lokanath Chairman
Shri Krishnaswamy K. Shri H. K. Lingaraju Shri Nagarajaiah
Prof. Narasimha Murthy K. P. Shri Purushotham C. Shri Badappa K.
Shri Suresh S. Shri Lingaraju H. K. Shri Somasekher G. N.
Shri B. A. Anantharam
Lecturers duly nominated by the Principal
Two parents duly nominated by the Principal
Ex.Officio Member & Convener:
Smt. Sumathi C. Principal
Permanent Invitees
Shri N. R. Panditharadhya President
Shri T. S. Henjarappa Vice-President
Shri W. H. Anil Kumar Vice-President
Sri. B. M. Parthasarathy Honorary Treasurer
Dr. Wooday P. Krishna Honorary General Secretary
Shri S. Sheshanarayana Honorary Joint Secretary
Shri M. S. Nataraj Honorary Assistant Secretary